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Getting To Sun Valley

One of most popular features of Sun Valley is its remote location and out-of-the-way peacefulness. Although the valley is off the beaten path, there are still many options for getting here.

Fly directly into the Sun Valley area at the SUN airport. You can take any of our commercial flights with Horizon Air and Skywest, or come in on a private jet. There are car rentals available at the airport and off-site, as well as taxis, for your convenience.

Horizon Air / Alaska Airlines – daily flights directly into Sun Valley from Seattle, Boise and Los Angeles (seasonal)
Skywest / Delta – daily flights directly into Sun Valley from Salt Lake

The Boise Airport is the nearest major airport, and is about 150 miles from Sun Valley (about a 3 hour drive). From here, you can take one of the Boise-Sun Valley shuttles or rent a car to get to the valley.

Highway 75 to Sun Valley is a very beautiful drive, earning it the designation of the Sawtooth Scenic Byway, part of the Idaho Scenic Byway system. With airlines continuing to increase the cost of flying, even more people are taking advantage of the breathtaking views on the way to town.

Part of the charm of Sun Valley is the simplicity of getting in and out of the valley. When planning your travels in and out of the valley, check out the road reports before hitting the road.

Local Taxi Service
Whether you are looking for transporation from the airport to your vacation home, need a ride home from a night on the town, or just don’t feel like walking, the local taxi service is clean, reliable and designed wth you in mind. These are not the simple, little yellow cabs you find in the city. The taxi fleets in the Sun Valley area feature minivans, passenger vans and SUVs, outiftted to get you & your equipment where you are going safely in the snow. Bring your skis, your bikes, your luggage and your dogs!